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Alchemy API logoComputer nerds know of APIs as a means for one application to speak to another. As with people, different applications hold different information. Enabling communication between them serves to multiply that knowledge and the utility thereof. An API is an inherently good thing. Now, also like people, some systems are smarter than others, some are better communicators than others, and some are better looking than others.

AlchemyAPI aims to be all these things, and in the most eloquent way possible. Plus, it has a very special trick up its sleeve: It can understand people. Instead of only being able to understand very specifically structured systems of data, AlchemyAPI can read your blog, surf Wikipedia, or cruise through stacks of documents that you have scanned. It reads, contextualizes, and interprets the information you want to extract from all that text and presents it in a way that rigidly-structured systems around the digital globe can understand.

Basically, AlchemyAPI is Johnny5 without the crazy military background or Hollywood backstory. You can learn more about their product at their site, linked below. For those of you too young to remember Short Circuit, thank your stars you didn’t have to grow up without IMDB. Or Wikipedia. Or computers that can so intelligently read and contextualize unstructured text.

In love yet? Get to The Oriental Theater early enough to grab some of their swag! (OMG T-shirts!) Doors open at 6pm on October 24.

Web: www.AlchemyAPI.com
Twitter: @AlchemyAPI

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