What’s in store for September 10th?

Things are really moving fast! We’ve got some kick ass sponsors supporting Ignite Denver! Being part of the first ever Ignite event in Denver/Boulder.

We’re still looking for more speakers, to join the ranks of the really cool ones already signed up. I’ve listed them below so you can get a feel for what’s in store for you September 10th.

  • Kevin Hoyt – The wonderful world of Cigars
  • Rob McNealy – Social media for low tech companies (AskAFloorGuy.com)
  • Peter Batty – Future Location and Social Networking – Location aware applications are a hot topic in the social networking space at the moment. This presentation will talk about a different approach to this space, focusing on future location – where will you and your friends be in the future? This is harder to implement than an approach based on current location but more useful if you can do it successfully. We will talk about some of the challenges in this area and the many cool applications of this technology.
  • Brian Holmes – how to swear in French
  • Jim Hutchison – The glamorous world of Entertainment Business lighting and how rockstar-ish it can and cannot be, followed by a side order of ridiculously simply difficult lighting math chased with industry information and quirky stories.  Living like a rockstar is fun!
  • Andrew Hyde – TechStars is a entrepreneur boot camp that every summer selects and seed funds 10 startups.  From an inside viewpoint, what is the experience like?  What are the biggest lessons, and the biggest challenges of starting the startup.
  • Scott Dudley – Digital Theatrics
  • Dave Taylor – Filmbuzz (get your hollywood news fix!)
  • Jun Heider – 5 minute intro to the world of Hackintosh
  • Tony Hillerson – Edward Tufte calls it the “greatest statistical graphic ever drawn“. Drawn in 1869, it shows Napolean’s France, well before the “cheese eating surrender monkey” phase, discovering an axiom employed many years later by a man named Vizzini. It employs six data points, precision, and cold hard facts to show how silly the whole plan turned out to be, and how costly
  • RJ Owen – 5 minute history of Rome. – The history of Rome, in five minutes.  We’ll start with the early years, draped in myth, go through the republic, hit the empire, talk about the fall, and then mention the Eastern Empire (Byzantines!)  Everything you forgot (or were never taught!) from your classical history class, in just five minutes.  Awesome!
  • Jordan Snyder – Robots!
  • Dave hassoun – RIA Developers, win Co-workers and Influence People

Remember, each presentation is 5 minutes, with 20 slides that automagically advance every 15 seconds. That means, these great topics will be speed rounding with some great visuals, and information.

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