What Makes Coloradans Unique?

What is Ignite Denver?

It amazes me how many people can’t answer that question. I learned about it a little over 2 years ago at The Rackhouse Pub for Ignite Denver 5. Since then it’s been a household name, however all my friends are social, techie, geeky, foodie and/or boozie folks. Apparently few people outside of my general bubble of social reality actually know about this amazing, wacky, educational night of fun, friends, libations and clever five minute talks by some incredible Coloradians.

We teamed up with ZeroSun Pictures, with help from name.com to break it down for you as best we can. We spent the afternoon on the 16th Street Mall talking to various passers by, trying to learn just what makes Colorado unique and what sets us apart from the other, 100 plus Ignite cities across the Earth.

I know that these folks haven’t come close to covering all of it. Not a single person mentioned that our Governor has his own incredibly tasty craft beer brewery! I mean seriously. What else do we have that makes the Ignite Denver experience so undoubtedly Colorado?

Ignite Denver 11 is happening tomorrow and tickets are only five lousy dollars!
Get your tickets now at Eventbrite <—(This is the ticket link, click it and get some)

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