Wanna win some iTunes money? Show off your trivia mastery?

I mentioned before that Geekswhodrink will be providing a trivia contest for Ignite Denver, while every arrives, and mingles and such. John Dicker and the GWD crew rock!

Make sure to get to Fado  in time to join in on the trivia contest, show everyone one what you’re made of with your knowledge of things arcane and random, like how many ounces of gold are in the Colorado state capital dome? You knew it was real gold right?

The top prize for the winning team, yes team. Ignite is a networking and social event, of course the trivia contest is based on teams. The winning team will get an iTunes gift card for each member!

It’s not too late to sponsor, leave a comment or send an email to ignitedenver@gmail.com

Register now! space is limited!

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