Wait. This Isn’t Eventbrite!? OR How Do I Get Tickets for Ignite Denver 15?

Please Note: You CANNOT RSVP for events using the Zerista app. If you’ve checked into an event using the app, get thee to their website, mobile or non, and RSVP for the event directly on their website NOT the app. Those of you who have reserved your space for Ignite Denver 15, we congratulate you on your timely reservation and keen forethought. You go, girl! You need not read on, instead you can watch this video on True Facts About the Owl. Enjoy.

For those of you who still have yet to reserve your FREE ticket to Ignite Denver 15, this blog is for you, baby. You may have noticed that we’re not using Eventbrite this time around. Damn, you’re so smart. We’re using the Denver Startup Week RSVP system, Zerista and it works a little differently than Eventbrite, so we’re going to give you a little tutorial on how to get tickets to Ignite Denver 15. Remember, you’ve got to do this on their website. The app will not let you RSVP for events, only check in to them and it’s not the same thing.

Step 1: Create an account on Zerista. You can use an email or you can be lazy and use google, facebook or yahoo. No judgement.     zerista1

Step 2: Fill out your profile or hit save at the very bottom and skip the profile filling out part. Zerista2

Step 3: Search for “Ignite Denver” in the top left part of the site. Step 4: See that little plus (+) sign in the lower right corner of the event description? Hit that. Zerista4

There, no you’re all signed up for Ignite Denver. We knew you could do it. Want to know who is speaking? Check out the speaker lineup for this 15th iteration of Ignite Denver. We’ll see you all on the 18th!

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