Voting Is LIVE for Ignite Denver 12!

P Diddy wants you to vote, and he dressed up in goofy patriotic gear to let you knowHeadings should always have exclamation points. I mean, if you’re not excited enough to exclaim your heading, why bother mentioning it at all? Well, we are extremely excited to announce that voting for Ignite Denver 12 begins NOW.

The concept is simple: You get ten votes to dole out, and you can give each talk a maximum of three votes. To use all ten of your votes, you can drop the maximum on THREE separate talks and have one left over! You could also drop one vote on your favorite ten talks. Well, we won’t cover all possible examples, but you get the idea. The top seven (7) talks, ranked by votes, are guaranteed a spot on stage at Ignite Denver 12 on October 24th at the Oriental Theater.

Spark Submitters: Let your friends, relatives, coworkers, frenemies, acquaintances, and estranged high school peers know about your spark and solicit votes now!

Spark Aficionados: You know what you like, so feel free to campaign on behalf of the sparks you want to see!

Another post is coming soon with more details about the schedule.

And another post after that is coming soon with details about the event itself.

For now, all you need to know is that voting ends Friday, October 5th, at HIGH NOON. (That’s GMT-7 for all you long-distance spark aficionados!) Get to voting!

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