Tuesday Two! Hop in the Wayback Machine!

For this Tuesday Two, we decided to go old-school and show you our humble beginnings: The first two videos uploaded to our YouTube channel! It’s always good to reflect back as we move forward, and we certainly appreciate how far we’ve come in the almost six years since Ignite Denver 5. Well, maybe we haven’t come that far…. Our speakers are still fantastic and irreverent, our crowds are still a bit rowdy (a few drinks can do that to you), and it’s still just 20 slides in 5 minutes. We also still have a great community in Denver who supports the craziness, three times a year.

With that in mind, here’s where it all started – on our YouTube channel, at least.

An Bui – How To Pick Up Chicks – Tips From A Totally Hetero Woman

Krista Jurczenia – Cupcakes and Dating: A Comparative Study

Bonus video! Our most recent upload from our most recent event – Kat Atwell: Welcome to Ignite Denver 20

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Just want to watch the craziness? Tickets are now available at Early Bird prices. Either way, we’ll see you in November!