Some of the Funniest Ignite Denver Sparks

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As we barrel towards yet another Ignite Denver, we thought we’d prime you with some of the funnier Ignite Sparks.* This is by no means a definitive set of all the funny. It’s only a small selection of the informational wizardry delivered on the stage at the Oriental Theater. Which, btw, our next Ignite Denver is October 9th. Get tickets here and get them now for the early bird special. Now…enjoy killing a fall day by cuddling up with some comedy. If you’re at work, around children, or crammed next to a traveling youth group at a crowded airport, put on some headphones.**

Arif Gangji: Teach your kids how to manage money or they’ll move back home when they are 30

Marissa Berlin: The Art of the Heckle

Tim Davids: The Truth About Sleep Deprivation

Tim Nicklas: Pittsburghese – A Dialectical Primer

Kelly Tidd: Bitches Love Candles: And Other Courtship Fallacies

* Sparks are the 5-minute Ignite presentations. We’re always open to suggestions of Sparks that you think are funny.
**Ah, to hell with headphones. Today’s kids need to get enlightened somehow.