The Votes Are In: Here are Your Ignite Denver 21 Presenters!

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Get ready for November 5th, everyone: here is our AMAZING lineup of speakers!

  1. Juan Diaz de Leon – The Online Dating Struggle Is Real
  2. Matt Holmes – Nightmares of Student Loans and Credit Cards
  3. Erin McElroy – A Call to Adventure – Geeking out on the Hero’s Journey
  4. Tom Groover – How Do Corporations Control Us?
  5. Elan BenAmi – Synchronicity and Self-Actualization
  6. Katie Mason – Velvet Covered Pringles: The Gift of Dreamtime Absurdity
  7. Amanda Yuill – Blow Up Your Life! (Figuratively Speaking)
  8. Jayson Gaddis – Shattering the Marriage Fantasy in 5 minutes
  9. Adrian DeBarros – Edgar Allen Poe and Dr. Seuss stuck in a photo booth.
  10. Kyle Shannon – The Renaissance of Storytelling
  11. Mariah Master – The Worlds Largest Industrial Disaster you don’t know of.
  12. Kurt Woock – We gave up our car! (but that’s not really the point)
  13. Doyle Hanks – I wanted to do something about gun violence.

Got your tickets for November 5th yet? Our early-bird rate of $5 tickets ends on October 29th, so hurry up and purchase tickets now!