The Show!

Katie Donahue: The Weird Life of Toilet Paper.
Did you know most big buildings throw away thousands of partial rolls of unused toilet paper monthly? It’s cheaper than janitors checking more often. So I took the toilet paper discards and set out to make art and architecture with it.

Cheri Ruskus: Nurturing Nature As Nature Nature Nourishes You!
Gardening is more than doing “yard work” its about sharing a deeper relationship with the earth. This is why I get my hands in the soil and have made it made it my passion over the last 40 years.
From flowers to veggies and all the pieces in between.

Jeffrey Donenfeld: Why fly a small single engine aircraft alone?
Why I choose to fly a single engine aircraft alone? Why would I put myself in peril of this thing dropping out of the sky? Do I trust myself to be able to land this thing? Where am I going!? I’ll tell you why.. and it’s not what you think..

Terry Cabeen: Accommodating Neurodiversity.

Eric Rooney: We’re All One: Life and Death is nature.
As a death doula and plant farmer, I can attest, we’re all the same, happening in cycles. There’s 4 seasons and us too ware apart of that cycle. Look at nature, she’s the biggest example of the impermanence of it all.

Madison Salavec: My First Autistic Birthday.
How I curated an oddly specific, sensory and autism-friendly birthday experience for my first birthday post-diagnosis. Leaning into my gifts, I successfully combined my love of arts & crafts, dancing to old school R&B and autonomy.


Matthew Fox: Get lost to find yourself through orienteering.
What do you get when you get lost outdoors? For me it’s a path to self discovery. Orienteering is a sport using map and compass to navigate the great outdoors.
My adventures led me to learning about myself by getting lost and found

Joel Bryant: How the Universe gave me everything I wanted.
My wife and I purchased a supposedly haunted Bed and Breakfast in the HIghlands and the Universe somehow removed all of the obstacles in our way in order for us to make the sale.

Acey Holmes: Fake It ’til You Make It? How About Play It ’til You Slay It! The Science of Play and Flow for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

The imposter syndrome has been bastardized to make us all think something is wrong with us … to sell books. The phenomenon is just a result of completely normal brain chemistry!


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