The Big Debate

This Wednesday, on DU campus, spark presenters will be debating one another, live on national television, in an attempt to garner your vote. The debate will begin promptly at 7pm and run until 8:30. During that time, I-25 will be shut down in the vicinity of DU, so plan accordingly if you intend to be traveling.

We recommend cozying up in your favorite pub to catch the debate on television (PBS is a sure bet), and enjoying a delicious Colorado beer. After you’ve heard the facts and see the spittle on the teleprompter, hop over to our UserVoice page to vote on your favorite talks.

And please remember, if you’re fortunate enough to be gainfully employed in this economy, to kick a few bucks to your favorite candidate’s campaign. Or at least share the talks you prefer on your social media channels to solicit a few additional votes from your own friends.

Correction: It has been brought to our attention that this debate is for some other (less significant) vote. The editor regrets any confusion and urges you to satisfy your frustration by voting for your favorite sparks on the UserVoice page. Thank you.

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