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Friday Five! 5 Videos to Ignite Your Wanderlust

We love Denver – a lot – but sometimes in order to appreciate where you live, you’ve got to get away for a bit. This week, we present five videos of people who have traveled the globe and stopped on our stage for 5 minutes to tell us about it. Enjoy the talks and then get outta town. (And be sure to come back! We love you, too.:)

Voting for Ignite Denver #19 opens on Monday – return here and tell us which Sparks you want to see! And buy your tickets now – it’s cheaper than buying them at the door. Even cheaper if you’re a student. Heck yeah.

Elizabeth Becker: So you want to be a foreign correspondent?

Elaine Ellis: Three months in Europe in 5 minutes

Colin Thomas-Arnold: Japan is crazy. And so can you!

Stephanie Lee: 20 Things You Don’t Know About Australia

Laura Levaas: Globetrotting on the Cheap


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