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Ignite Denver 17 Speaker Lineup is Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce the lineup for Ignite Denver 17 and our second annual June-O-Ween Costume Party!


We’ve got everything from Xboxes to puppy raising, shitty meetings and weaponized nature; so you’re definitely going to want a ticket to this show! Plus, along with the great presentations, we’ll have a costume contest, Fat Sully’s pizza and much more!

We’re offering early bird ticket prices again for this show, so be sure to get your $5 tickets before June 6 to save a little extra cash for a drink at the bar while you’re there.

Take a look at the lineup we’ve got in store for you and check out our presenters on Twitter to stalk find out more about who they are:

  • Aurora Arlet: The Creativity Crisis: Why we need more sandboxes and less Xboxes
  • Paula Stephens: How A Recycling Program Lead To My Discovery Of An Unidentified Stage of Grief
  • Mary Kuehner: You’re not OCD, you’re just anal retentive
  • Pete Winterscheidt: Shitty meeting syndrome, your office has it, here is how to fix it.
  • Aaron Templer: When good things happen to good people: Accepting advantage and becoming allies in the fight against discrimination.
  • Keith Hagen: Clarity trumps Persuasion.
  • Scott Rohrig: Humanize Yourself
  • Nathan Hildreth: Flow ain’t just the Aunt of unwelcomed visits!
  • Erik Wolf: Marketing & Testicles: They Have More In Common Than You Think
  • Khalana Gocken: Nature Is Our Weapon
  • Jeff Macco: What if colleges were treated like a business?
  • Natalie Plowman: The Art of Puppy-Raising

June-O-Ween is extra special because we give you the opportunity to wear all those excellent costumes you’d like to wear in October, but it’s just too cold to pull it off properly. That’s why we have Halloween in the ideal month: June. Dress to impress or win! Last year’s costume contest winners were the Sexual Predator and a Bad Habit. What clever costume ideas do you have up your sleeve?

Now you know what you’ve got in store for you, what are you waiting for? Get your early bird tickets to Ignite Denver 17 today and start planning your costume for June 13th at The Oriental Theater.

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