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And Now, A Word from Our Sponsor: Shift Workspaces

Being on the Ignite Board of Organizers is hard work. We have to plan a fun and educational evening and we typically have to do it while drinking beer and making varying degrees of jokes that one might hear in between classes in a high school hallway. We’re all super mature.

shift-logoOne of the newest additions to our planning meetings and super awesome workshoppe series (which were also new this time around) was our physical meeting space. We switched this time around to meeting at Shift Workspaces on 4th and Corona and we have loved every minute of the switch.

They’ve been exceedingly flexible to our needs, whether we needed a room for our standard meetings or something a little larger for our workshoppes, they were able to adjust. Which is one of the things that Shift really prides themselves on: the ability to “shift” (sorry, I couldn’t help it) to meet their members’ needs. Whether you just need a desk in their common area or something a little more private, they can accommodate.

They also focus heavily on a good work/life balance. They have residences in their building as well as a work space and members have access to an on-site gym, wellness center and yoga classes. They also try to balance the member events with both business and fun so that people can get a well-rounded experience.

One of my personal favorite aspects of Shift is the way that they’ve designed the space. When you walk in, you know you’re in a professional space, but it’s also a really inviting space. There’s nothing stark about it.

If that isn’t enough to entice you to go in and give Shift Workspaces a try, then take into consideration that they are a sponsor for a great community-based event and organization. They have been completely supportive of our goals and even let us come in after normal hours and hold meetings.

Despite the fact that we’re loud laughers and dirty joke makers. They should get a medal for putting up with us on a nearly weekly basis.


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