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Second Annual June-O-Ween at Ignite Denver 17

Last year at Ignite Denver 14’s June-O-Ween extravaganza, you wonderful people brought your A game. Of course there were incredible presentations from Erika NapoletanoKevin White and many of Denver’s finest minds (as you all have come to expect from Ignite Denver events). What really made the night a one-of-a-kind soiree though was all the attendees dressed to the nines in their Halloween finest. (If you haven’t seen all of the wonderful Chipper Booth pictures from that night, be sure to check them out!)

Ignite Denver 14 presenters in their June-O-Ween costumes
Ignite Denver 14 presenters in their June-O-Ween costumes

So we just couldn’t resist bringing a night filled with ghouls and goblins back to the summer season with June-O-Ween at Ignite Denver 17 on Friday, June 13 at the Oriental Theater. It will be a Friday the Thirteenth to remember as we combine some of Denver’s most innovative thinkers with alcohol and everyone’s scary, skanky, and just plain bonkers costume creations.

Thinking about presenting at Ignite Denver 17? WONDERFUL! Be sure to attend our workshop series to learn everything you wanted to know about Ignite Denver (and probably a couple of TMIs along with it). All workshops are at Shift Workspaces and start at 6pm:

  • April 21 – Creating a Compelling Pitch/Spark
  • May 5  – Presenting at Ignite
  • May 19 – Creating a Good Ignite Presentation
  • May 27 – First Run Through (required)
  • June 2 – Second Run Through (required)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us through Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions about upcoming workshops or topics for a presentation.

Strap on those thinking caps now and start brainstorming your spark and/or costume for Ignite Denver 17! Don’t forget to check back in with us for more announcements about June-O-Ween speakers, sponsors and other exciting surprises.

Ignite Denver 14
Bad Habit (Erika Napoletano) & Sexual Predator (Amy Little) at last year’s June-O-Ween
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