And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor: ORBTR

Straight from the Ignite Denver community, ORBTR is the brainchild of Erik Wolf, who brought us the timeless presentation a few Ignites ago called “Is My Web Guy F#cking Me?” He’s come up with a marketing automation suite that makes sure you don’t get f#cked.


It’s designed specifically to integrate with WordPress sites and does so with ease. ORBTR installs just like any other plugin and it’s easy to use since it’s WordPress based, so the organization and workflows are very familiar and the learning curve is minimal.

ORBTR is like a crystal ball for salespeople. It shows you exactly HOW your best prospects use your site by tracking their every page view and notifies you in real time via email when a hot prospect returns you your site. This helps you improve your follow-ups, close more deals and build intelligence that can be used to refine page content.

But wait, there’s more! ORBTR integrates with SalesForce, Highrise, Zoho, MailChimp, Gravity Forms and more within WordPress so you don’t have to go from one account to another. Easily handle business as you normally do, but in WordPress instead of another account and, voila! You’ve just covered all your bases, Holmes.

We’ve been using ORBTR for the last couple of months and we can dig it. You should check it out too. I mean, they offer a 14 day free trial and then after that, the rates are super affordable.

What have you got to lose? That’s right, nothing. Support an amazing local business run by one of our very own in the Ignite community.

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