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Some of the most Useful Ignite Denver Sparks

Again we share the disclaimer that this is by no means a Top 3 or the only 3. If you’d like to be inspired and informed then please go to our Youtube channel and press play. It could be the only place on the Internet where you can search absinthe or sticky and come up with something  that might actually improve your life. But, to save time, we’ve curated a few of our favorites, including the only Ignite Denver Spark we allowed to go longer than five minutes. It was amazing.

But first, please hold for this important announcement.

Ignite Denver is October 9th at 7pm. Save money by clicking here to get your tickets NOW. 

Also, we like to warn people about language. Not only are there smart, revolutionary expressions here (beware JeffCo School Board,) but some words that might be construed as dirty and/or loin-stirring lewdness.

Is My Web Guy F#cking Me?: Erik Wolf

Becky Tate: 30 Days of Pleasure

Aaron Templer: A Rhythm Runs Through It, Our Lives Defined by Beats

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