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Love is in the air…at Ignite Denver 28!

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Who doesn’t love love? Everybody loves love! This season of celebrating love reminds us of how many wonderful things we are surrounded by every day that we love! Valentine’s Day celebrates love in relationships. However, since we use the exact same word to describe our affection for everything, let’s take some time to celebrate the love in our lives!

There are so many things that we love!

We love food trucks.

We love friends.

We love shows.

We love Denver.

We love hearing new ideas.

We love celebrating creativity.

We love awesome sparks.


But we don’t just love things. We also love people!

We love spending time with people.

We love laughing and spending time with people.

We love eating food from food trucks while laughing and spending time with people.

We love eating food from food trucks in Denver while laughing and spending time with people.

We love eating food from food trucks in Denver on a Thursday night while laughing and spending time with people.

We love eating food from food trucks in Denver on a Thursday night at the Oriental Theater while laughing and spending time with people.


But most importantly, we love to do the things that we love, with the people that we love most (are you keeping up?).  Our favorite memories to look back on are those that we can laugh at and retell with people close to us. The easiest way to add more memories to your ‘favorite moments’ album in your brain is to do the things you love with people you love!


Creating a perfect memory is easy!

We have one all set up for you:

This Thursday (Feb 22nd) at 7pm!

**This perfect memory can be stored in your ‘favorite moments’ album under the name:

“BEST NIGHT EVER” or “Ignite Denver 28,” both mean the same thing.

All your favorite things will be there: food trucks, a show, and new ideas!

We took care of our end of the memory, and now it is up to you to take care of yours!

Perfect memories are easy when all you have to do is invite your friends, buy tickets and

show up!!

Especially when the tickets are only $10 ($5 if you’re a student) —

Can’t wait to see you and your friends this Thursday at the Oriental Theater at 7pm!

**Food trucks open at 6pm**


Ignite Denver 10 – Pizza and Chinese food!!

If Ignite Denver 10 isn’t your first rodeo you’ll know we love Fat Sully’s Pizza! TO make eating and drinking easier we’ve invited one more food truck to the party. Bambu Mobile Chinese!

Make sure you get to the Sherman St Event Center in time to grab a beer or two and some grub before the presentations start!

See you Wednesday!

Doors open at 6:00 and sparks start around 7:00

Get your ticket soon! They’re going fast!


Ignite Denver – Now with more beer!

Haven’t bought a ticket to Ignite Denver yet? You should. Already bought the $10 2 beer ticket, you’re in luck.

Through the magic of awesome sponsors we’re making the 2 beer ticket a “beer Wristband” ticket which means your $10 now gets you a lot more awesome craft beer!

Like I said, if you haven’t bought a ticket, they’re going fast and you should jump on it. We’ve got an awesome line up of presenters, and awesome line up of craft beer sponsors, and of course the regular Ignite Denver awesomeness that you’ve come to know and love!

You can read a bit more on the Denver Off the Wagon Blog.

Don’t miss out!


Ignite Denver 10 – The presenters!

Hold on to your hats! Here’s the list of the awesome sparks you’re gonna see in just over a week!

This isn’t the order they’ll be presenting in – we’ll announce that later – but here’s your full Ignite Denver 10 Line up!!

See you there!

  • Jonathan Shikes – Big Beers, Barleywines and Being Blitzed
  • Greg Koch – CEO, Stone Brewing – Environmental Righteousness!
  • D.T. Pennington – A Really Great Idea at the Time
  • Dave Thibodeau – President, Ska Brewing – Beer, Career, and Fate in 5
  • Chris Washenberger – Distillation And Why I Love It
  • Chris Rippe – Hey Prohibition, Suck It
  • Rick Lyke – Founder, Pints for Prostates – Pints for Prostates
  • Tim Davids – How I Lost a Bunch of Weight (and Also the Ability to Do Anything Fun, Ever)
  • Thomas Kolicko – Director, Beer Culture
  • Sara Downey – Beer Makes Me a Better Mommy. Wait. Who’s THAT Baby?
  • Ashley Routson – a.k.a. The Beer Wench
  • Nick Nunns – BEER & METAL
  • Jace Milstead – Someone Give Me a Show About Beer
  • Josh Mishell – Good Beer and Good Marketing are Not Mutually Exclusive!
  • Amanda Johnson – Marketing and Branding Manager, Odell Brewing – Beer Play

If you’re not excited… well go read that line up again!!

Then go buy your ticket! Remember, the $10 ticket includes 2 (TWO!!) craft beers, the $5 ticket includes NONE. Of course, you can buy beer tickets onsite too!

Ignite Denver 10 – VOTE

The submissions for Ignite Denver 10 are incredible. But don’t take my word on it. Go over to the voting site and get your vote on!

These are only a portion of the overall submissions. We’ve got an awesome line up of GABF presenters as well as the great Denver crowd you’re voting on. It’s gonna be an awesome night. Hope you bought your ticket. They’re going fast!

Ignite Denver 10 – BEER

You’ve seen the tweets, you’ve heard the hype…

It’s all true.

Ignite Denver 10, GABF is gonna be off the hook. Yes I said, it was cool back then it’s cool now!

We’ve got some really awesome submissions from both Denverites who want to share their knowledge and passion with us, and folks from the Brewers Association (the list is here). This will be a great Ignite Denver.

To celebrate GABF and all it means to Denver and us the beer drinking masses, Ignite Denver is moving downtown. We’ll be at the Sherman St. Event Center! An awesome space right downtown, not far from the capital and 16th St mall shuttle.

Tickets go on sale Friday at noon. There’s 300 tickets and if you think waiting until the week before Ignite is a good idea, you’ll be very sad. Get yours now!

It wouldn’t be a GABF Ignite Denver if we didn’t have craft beer on hand. We’ve got beer from Ska Brewing, Great Divide Brewery and Renegade Brewing, plus maybe 1 or 2 more we’ll reveal later. Beer tickets will be on sale onsite for $5 so you can enjoy these awesome local brews. You can also buy a $10 ticket that includes 2 tickets. (Do the math. Ignite Denver is $5. The other $5 gets you two beers, which will be $5 each onsite. Two beers for the price of one. Booya!)

See you in September!

Ignite Denver 9 – What’re you’re gonna see!

This isn’t the official order, but these are the first 11 sparks!

We’ll be announcing the last 3 in the next day or two as well and then will release the official order. We just wanted you to know what was in store for you as soon as possible 🙂

  • Erin Ek    I see London, I see France!
  • Erika Napoletano    No More Redheaded Bastard Stepchildren: The Demise of the Recessive Gene
  • David Pennington    Totally Friggin’ Wasted
  • Kelly Tidd    Really? You’re a writer? Really?!
  • Jennifer Duensing    How to Live on an Island
  • Joseph Labrecque    Zombies, Vampires, and Babies: What You NEED to Know!
  • Tim Davids    MORE tips for Surviving Bear Attacks
  • Kia Ruiz    It’s Just Biology
  • Brian Timoney    The Last Secret Shame: A Cultural History of Debt
  • Jon Rossi    Your First Tattoo
  • SEEDS OF PASSION: the heart of the debate over genetically engineered food.

Make sure you get your ticket early! In fact, go get it right now!

Ignite Denver 9 is coming up!

We’re hard at work on Ignite Denver 9! Remember how much fun you had last time, it’s gonna be better! For those interested in submitting a spark, the submission window will be opening soon! Here’s how things are gonna work this time.

Tuesday, June 21: The Main Event, make sure you get a ticket fast!

May 23rd: Voting on sparks begins

May 2nd: Submissions Open. Get your awesome idea ready!!

Ignite Denver 2011 dates!

After the success of Ignite Denver 8 (By the way, we made $300 for SOS Outreach!) we’ve secured the Oriental Theatre for the rest of the year! We’re really happy to keep working with the guys at the Oriental. They’re awesome to work with, and it’s always nice to support local business!

New digs FTW! These dates are locked but could change depending on external factors..

  • June 21st
  • September 20th
  • December 6th

Yup 3 more Ignite Denver’s for your enjoyment.

Stay tuned, we’ll have the videos on our youtube page shortly!

Ignite Denver POSTPONED

Just to make sure we’re on the same page. Ignite Denver is postponed. The weather out there sucks! It’s cold, still snowing and expected to get to about 2 degrees tonight.

Were looking at mid March.

If you bought a ticket, you’re good to go for Ignite Denver 8 Re-Do. If you can’t make the date when we announce it, no worries, complete refund.

See you in March!!

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