Some More Words About Our Sponsors: Chipper Booth

So, for those of you who don’t know me, here’s a fun fact:

It’s physically impossible for me to resist a photobooth. They have some sort of bizarre gravitational pull on me and by the night’s end, I’ve dragged as many people as I possibly can into the booth and made numerous weird faces. Suffice it to say, my ass has been in quite a few photobooths over the past few years.

Chipper-Booth-w-Smiley-MEDHowever, despite my booth promiscuity, I have found myself returning to the same company over and over for numerous reasons. Chipper Booth is my go to company any time someone asks me for recommendations about hiring a photobooth company.

Naturally, I’m over the moon that the awesome folks at Chipper Booth are Ignite Denver 14 sponsors and will be present at June-O-Ween to capture all of the awesome costumes (even if you come in your civies, they’ll have some cool props for you to use) and shenanigans of the evening! If you need some inspiration, these costumes should help.

What makes these guys such a great fit with the Ignite Denver community? Well, for one, they are all about community and keeping it local. Most of each photobooth is made from materials obtained locally. The glass is purchased in Edgewater, hardware in Berkeley, the wood is from Globeville, steel from the Highlands and the curtains are made in Loveland. The only thing non-Colorado is the aluminum frame, which comes from 500 miles away in Utah but only because they haven’t found the appropriate aluminum type in Colorado (yet). These booths are as homegrown as you can get.

So profesh.
So profesh.

One of the other reasons that Chipper Booth is ahead of the game is the way that they’ve set up their booth. Instead of focusing on megapixels or webcams, they focused on what actually makes a good photo, which is lighting and optics. Because of this, every photo is always lit perfectly and even your derpiest face somehow looks better than it ever did before.

Also, the strips print out in seconds. I’m not kidding you. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft they use, but you wait for your photos for 30 seconds max, meaning there isn’t a weird huddle of people outside the booth waiting for their photos. I like to imagine a pocket sized Gandalf waving his staff and printing the photos, even though that’s probably not what’s happening.

They’ve grown rapidly over the last 18 months and for good reason. They’re heavily involved in the Denver community and work frequently with fundraisers and other local events (as well as weddings and stuff). Oh, and they’re professional, timely and super nice.

We know you’ll love the photos you get from June-O-Ween and we encourage you to choose Chipper Booth the next time you’re in the market for a photobooth.