So what is Ignite?

Ignite is where thinkers, doers, web developers, entrenprenuers, technologists, business gurus, community organizers, drinkers, networkers, stay at home moms, etc. all come together to hear some interesting things, learn from each other, win prizes for knowing the most trivia, and in general be around other interesting people.

Vague? Sure 🙂

The nitty gritty is this. each speaker gets 5 minutes. 20 slides, that automatically advance every 15 seconds. That means no bullet lists, no paragraphs, no boring shit. It means the speaker has to be on their game, know their stuff, and be able to be interesting without the help of a slide deck to explain everything.

The evening starts with networking and a trivia contest from geekswhodrink, Denvers leading pub trivia gurus! While the trivia contest goes on, we’ll be eating and drinking and networking. The goal isn’t to hide in a corner and nurse a beer! It’s to meet people you might not normall meet!

There’s gonna be two rounds of presentations. In between, during intermission, sponsors will get a chance to tell us all about themselves. We’ll also be awarding the trivia contest prizes.

Want more? take a look at the main ignite site, there’s tons of links to other ignite events.

I’ll be posting more blurbs about presentation topics as I get them, if you or your company is interested in sponsoring, drop me a line, Ignite is the perfect place for local businesses to show everyone what they’ve got. Get their name out just a little bit more, get just that little bit more exposure.

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