Session: Where There’s Smoke: Cigars

Kevin Hoyt’s gonna be with us, talking about cigars! I’m actually digging this topic idea a lot!

Cigar’s have a definite appeal to a lot of folks, myself included, though I appreciate from afar. I’d be that guy with a really nice cigar, sputtering and turning colors a human shouldn’t turn if I tried to smoke a cigar.

However I can’t wait to see what Kevin has to tell us (in 5 minutes) about cigars!

Even before this site went live, Kevin had an email in my inbox to speak! I’m thrilled he’s the first “officially announced” speaker!

When the registration window opens, make sure you’re here so you don’t miss out.

Spread the word! Ignite Denver is looking for any topic as long as it’s interesting; Tech, culture, business, philosophy (western or eastern), cars, needlepoint, whatever you think you can talk about for 5 minutes and keep everyone’s attention… Come on you know you wanna do it! Leave a comment, or drop an email to ignitedenver AT gmail DOT com with the topic idea.

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