Presenting Your Ignite Denver 14 Speakers!

Ladies and Gents, you came, you saw, you voted and you rocked it! We are very pleased to announce the 14 Ignite Denver presenters for June 13th, our June-O-Ween flavored Ignite Denver. I’m not even going to write anymore flowery language. Here are our kickass speakers:

  • Tim Dixon: Your Final Word
  • Traci Brown: How to talk your way out of a traffic ticket
  • Maureen McNamara: Laugh or Get Throat Punched
  • Andrew Schaefer & Jack Fitzpatrick: Shut it off and pay attention to the world around you!
  • Tamara Kleinberg: Entrepreneur Training 101
  • Audrey Klanecky: The Happiness Equation
  • Erika Napoletano: You Don’t Know Jacques: The Recondite Lives of Renowned People
  • Kevin White: Volunteering with Purpose
  • Mark Scheel: Meaningful Work
  • David McMurtry: The Ancient Lost Art of Saying Hi!
  • Nicole Relyea: Why You Should Stop Working for the Man

We’re so proud of you guys and we can’t wait for you to bring your “A” game to Ignite Denver 14 (in your best June-O-Ween costume, of course)!

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