Meet Your Sponsor: Technical Integrity

Technical Integrity LogoIn the startup world, there’s one thing that almost every new company needs: nerds. I’m not talking about the nerds that hoard comic books and play Assassin’s Creed until 5 am (I’m also not dogging on comic book or video game nerds). But the kind of nerd a startup company needs is the kind that knows how to build high level systems from the ground up.

If you’ve spent any time in the tech startup world, you know that a good site and software will make the difference between success and failure and sometimes you need a little help finding the right fit for your company.

But you’re a startup! Who has the freaking time to spend hours poring over resumes and conducting interviews when you’re wearing way too many hats as it is? Well, good buddy, that’s where our friends at Technical Integrity come in handy.

This small, locally owned firm interviews both clients and candidates to make sure that your company gets the best match possible. They never put a square peg in a round hole and actively consult with both parties to determine long term goals.

I love this line from their mission statement:

“A bold, honest and forthright approach and a true belief in culture matching, deep dive technical screening and placing A-players is key to their success.”

They love playing matchmaker for tech geeks and tech startups. They are truly passionate about helping companies not only get off the ground, but also going about the process in a socially responsible manner. Another thing they love to do is build community- they engage directly by offering solutions where there is no business deal and they sponsor both small and large events that benefit us all.  They’re also pretty big on being sustainable and working with clean tech companies.

If you’re looking for a tech match made in heaven, then you should definitely drop Technical Integrity a line or at the very least, follow them on Twitter!

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