Meet the Ignite Denver Sponsors: YOU!

Five fun facts for Friday (God, I love alliteration!):

  • Ignite Denver is a nonprofit event.
  • Every penny we earn goes into putting on a great show and donating the rest to a good cause.
  • Our sponsors are amazing local companies that love Ignite just as much as we do.
  • Anyone can be a sponsor for Ignite Denver.
  • The male pig orgasm can last up to 30 minutes.

I didn’t say all the facts would be about Ignite Denver, did I?

Why am I sharing these fun facts with you? Well, mostly because I want you to know just how many levels of awesome Ignite Denver there are. Also, it’s freaky that boars take so long.  But mostly Ignite Denver stuff.

We’re looking for a few great sponsors for Ignite Denver 13 and maybe that sponsor is you or, more likely your company or the company you work for. When you sponsor Ignite, you send a message saying that you support the quest for knowledge and the never-ending journey of lifelong learning. I know that last sentence is a little flowery, but seriously, people come to Ignite Denver to learn and to be inspired by people they may know and people they may meet that very night. Plus, it’s a casual event with no chintzy table centerpieces or corny, PG roasts of a CEO. It’s real people being real about what they love.

Plus, Ignite Denver is backed by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you know what that means: tax deduction!

Here’s a breakdown of sponsorship levels available for Ignite. If you’re interested in being a sponsor for Ignite, please visit our Sponsorship page and contact the dude whose email is at the bottom of the page.

Ignite Denver Sponsorship
What’s your sponsorship heat level?

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