Meet the Ignite Denver Sponsor: Rubicon Law

RUBICON logo 220x41You see the billboards, right? Stodgy lawyers in hand tailored suits telling you that they’re the BEST at what they do. I’m sure there are tons of great law firms in Denver, with many talented attorneys in their employ. But, and maybe this is just me, doesn’t it feel like law firms all fit into one mold? One neat and tidy little box that was defined decades ago that said, “This is how law firms should look and act” and no one has bothered to really challenge that definition very much because, well, people have always made money doing it that way.

Rubicon Law is different. No really, they are! They’re a business law firm that’s working to change the way that businesses see attorneys and law firms.

No marble tiles in the atrium. No atrium. They don’t have a large administrative staff and they handle the work themselves, so they can pass the savings onto their clients.

That wasn’t a typo. You read that right; Rubicon Law actually tries to save their client’s money. Try not to have your mind explode at that concept. How exactly do they save you money?

  1. They don’t bill for phone calls. They actually want their clients to call if they have a problem or question!
  2. They attend your company’s board meetings for free. I’m not even lying here, people. They really do that.
  3. All of their offices are paperless. These guys have some serious karma points coming their way.

In addition to all of those awesome money saving practices, most of the attorneys that work for Rubicon Law have owned their own business at some point, so they aren’t just coming into this as a fancy lawyer; they know and understand the struggles you face as a business owner and focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

We’re very proud to have Rubicon Law as one of our title sponsors and we hope that if you’re in the market for a business law firm that you put them at the top of your list.

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