Learn Jedi mind tricks on May the Fourth!

Okay, maybe not Jedi mind tricks, but we *will* be hosting our 2nd speaker’s workshop at the ReadyTalk offices in Denver on May 4th.

This session will teach you all about what to expect as an Ignite presenter. From hugs & high-fives to dodging shoes and shrugging off the hecklers, you can get all of the down & dirty 411 for the show. We want you to be comfortable on stage, whether it’s your first time in front of a theater of people, or if it’s your first time speaking at Ignite Denver.

What to bring:

  • A list of questions about Ignite
  • An open mind for what lies ahead

What you’ll get:

  • A clear picture of what to expect while onstage
  • Stories from folks who have faced an Ignite Denver audience and lived to tell about it. (It’s a rush. Seriously!)
  • A sense of comfort. (About the show. We can’t help you with the rest of your life)

The ReadyTalk office is located at 1900 16th St #600, Denver, CO 80202, about a block from  Union Station. There is a parking garage next to the building with a night rate of $3.00 after 4:00pm.

See you Monday, May the Fourth…be with you. Had to say it.

May the Fourth