Introducing the Sparks for Ignite Denver 15!

Man, oh man, kiddos, have we got a show for you! We had an amazing group of submissions this time around and we’re bummed we couldn’t include them all (we would have been Igniting until midnight, if that had been the case). So, without further to do, here are the sparks that you’ll be seeing on September 18th at the Paramount Theater:

  • Life is a Mashup
  • Improv Your Life
  • How to Ride Your Bike Like a Lady
  • Help! I live on Less than a Dollar a Day
  • Intrapreneurship – Don’t quit your day job.
  • Why Assholes Make the Best Entrepreneurs
  • Align with Your Inner Sticky and Know True Freedom!
  • A Rhythm Runs Through It: Our Lives Defined by Beats
  • How to not be an asshole when your friend has cancer
  • Pardon Me, Bitch: Etiquette for the Modern Gentleman
  • How to Build a Community in the Basement of a Bar with Glitter
  • Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learn from Watching Muggles in Starbucks
  • Paint Brushes & Perseverance: Life Lessons Learned from Renovating a Vintage Travel Trailer
  • Making Monkey Business Your Business: How Daring to Be Dynamically Different Pays Off!
  • Chinese Medicine Beats Wall Street: Mastering the Market by Following Old World Wisdom

From Improv to Sobriety; Chinese Medicine to Modern Etiquette, this Ignite Denver 15 has it all and we cannot wait to share it with you!

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