Ignite Denver – Tickets available now!

Time to RSVP!

That’s right! Tickets are now available for Ignite Denver 5 (AKA October 2009). Make sure you RSVP as soon as possible to secure your spot! Last time we sold out right before, I’m hoping we sell out even sooner!

The more people the better! Let’s make sure this Ignite Denver is more awesomer (yeah I said Awesomer) than before!

We’re not charging for Ignite Denver, in fact our goal is to NEVER charge for Ignite Denver tickets. But we are asking for donations, to help us get more/better raffle items, buy some rounds of drinks for everyone, etc. It’s completely optional, and voluntary, if you don’t wanna donate, don’t.

The reason we’re asking for donations, and not charging is simple, we think Ignite should be free. If people want to donate/help out, by all means, we greatly appreciate it, but if they don’t they should still get to enjoy the awesome presentations, great community and networking.

We’ve got an awesome local Denver band to play intermission, they played last time, and have some new material. Also the lighting and audio at Casselman’s is better, so The Compilers will be easier to hear and understand, don’t worry we paid attention last time!

We’re still accepting submissions for topics, so please, pretty please, spread the word, or submit your own topic, then spread the word  🙂 tell everyone to vote, and participate! There’s no reason we can’t get Ignite Denver to encompass more of our awesome city!

If you or your company would like to sponsor, just drop us an email.

So that’s it, the clock is running, stay tuned for more, lots, lots more! But make sure you RSVP!

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