Ignite Denver that’s a wrap – for now!

If you missed Wednesday night, you should be kicking yourself, then you should hire someone to continue to kick you, for a bit longer. We had an awesome turn out! Far exceeding my expectations, which is both good and bad. Good that the Denver area techies, nerds, business folks, cigar afficionados, etc all came together in such incredible numbers, and bad, that I underestimated ya’ll. I learnt my lesson!

The slides are all up on slideshare, I’ve created an Ignite Denver event to host them, however I can’t figure out how to get them there. The tag for each slide deck is ‘ignitedenver

The crowds were awesome! Geeks Who Drink did a great job hosting our pub quiz! I hope the winning teams enjoy their iTunes money and hope some one is going to enjoy that 50 buck Fado gift card.

Check out the photos of the teams for the pub quiz!

The success of Ignite Denver was 100% due to two groups of people. The speakers for having such cool things to talk about, and the sponsors for providing the sponsorship money needed to cover the expenses of the event. I’m very honored to have met both of those groups, and hope to enjoy their continued good will.

Got an idea for a presentation!? Think you can be interesting in 5 minutes with 20 slides? Send me an email, it’s never too early to get on the roster!

ignitedenver AT gmail DOT com

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