Ignite Denver Speed Round Competition!!

During our last committee meeting, we were talking about ways to hand out prizes, and fun competitions to do. We came up with the Speed round, a new take on the mystery deck idea we’ve used twice before. We wanted to take the idea of the mystery deck and put it in the hands of the audience.

Here’s how it’s gonna work!

At the first intermission, before our comedian takes the stage for some funny, everyone will vote on which slide deck from part 1 they’d like to see as the speed round.

At the end of part 2 we’ll call for volunteers (2 of them) to come up and deliver the speed round, using the chosen deck, but telling a different story. When each contestant gets up the tell the crowd their ‘theme’ and then away we go.

Here’s how the speed round is speedy 🙂

It’s the same 20 slides, but it’s 2/3 faster, that means each slide is only up for 5 seconds. so the entire deck is done in 100 seconds (just under 2 minutes)

The crowd votes for the winner with applause.

The winners will win some awesome prizes, we’re still working on those.

So when you’re sitting in the audience watching the awesome presentations, keep in mind which you’d like to see in 1/3 time!

Hurry up and submit a topic, time’s running out.

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