Ignite Denver – Registration open!

The voting is going on now, so make sure you go vote for the best submissions. BUT, make sure you RSVP for Ignite Denver 6 as well. Well. Space is limited to under 200 so don’t mess around and dilly dally.

As always Ignite Denver is 100% free to attend, but we do offer a donation ticket ($5), that helps us cover the costs of running Ignite Denver, it also helps us buy beer for the presenters, and thanks to Flying Doge Ales, we’re also able to use part of each donation, to give donators their first beer free. So if you want to help Ignite Denver exist, help us with raffle prizes, help us show our presenters some love, and in general help keep Ignite Denver going, please share $5, and your first beer is on us.

Start your weekend on off right! RSVP for an awesome night of fun, geekery, and beer with Ignite Denver!

RSVP Here.

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