Ignite Denver – our MC is…

As this Ignite Denver is kind of a reboot (new venue, great new committee, etc) we decided to try one more new thing.

Instead of having to watch me up on stage all night, we’re gonna have a guest MC. Maybe this will be a trent, I dunno. Maybe every Ignite Denver now will have a guest MC to keep us going. Who knows, but Ignite Denver 7, will be MC’ed by.

Ryan Geiger!

During the day Ryan is the digital creative director at Location3, and at night a connoisseur of irish whiskey and all things Apple.

He’s spent a good chunk of his adult life working in-house for some cool (and not so cool) ad agencies.  During this time he’s produced creative solutions for Anheuser-Busch, Toyota, IBM, SeaWorld, GNC, Outback Steakhouse, US Airways, and Honda to name a few.

At Location3, Ryan oversees the creative development process from initial strategy to delivery, including web and mobile site creation, display advertising, CMS, eCommerce and other interactive solutions.

He presently resides in downtown Denver with this girl and this dog.  Then there’s also Joe, the fancy pigeon that lives on his rooftop.

There are few things Ryan really likes – straight lines, helvetica, moleskine, all things Apple, Mr. Jameson, jazz, his vinyl collection, silent movies with the volume turned all the way up, and simplicity.

To learn more, visit http://www.howdyryan.com.

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