Ignite Denver – One Week Left to Submit

That’s right! The Ignite Denver 7 submission window for sparks closes this Friday! ┬áVoting starts next week! Get your topic in.

I can’t understate how awesome I think Ignite Denver 7 is gonna be.

We’ve got a real theatre venue. We’re working on getting a local restaurant to hook us up with before and after happy hour prices so we can hang out on Tennyson, and did I mention a real theatre. That means the bar isn’t next to the presenter. That means the only people in the place, are there for Ignite! We’ve got the compilers back, with Version 2 of their set ­čÖé More twitter backed up awesomeness!

We’ve got Influxis onboard as a sponsor to help make Ignite Denver 7 stream across the intertubes like nobodies business!

This is a huge step for Ignite Denver. We’ve explored the city looking for venues that worked, and frankly this is looking like it’s a good place to hang for a bit!

Space is limited to about 250, so make sure you get your ticket! See you July 27th

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