Ignite Denver – Need some inspiration? Look to the past!

The first few Ignite Denver’s sadly didn’t get recorded, however the last few have, to varying degrees.

Check out the youtube page for Ignite Denver if you’re thinking of submitting and want some inspiration. We’ve had some truly awesome people do presentations in Denver!

I’m really excited about the Oriental Theatre! This is the first time Ignite Denver will be up on a big stage, with big screen, and no bar right next to the stage to make too much noise 🙂

Submit a topic, show Denver how awesome and creative you are. Heck inform and enlighten Denver on a topic of interest to you!

The submission window closes next week! Don’t miss out!

Oh yeah! Also, some news 😉

1. The compilers are coming back to perform intermission, and at the end of Ignite. They’ve performed a few times, and are a great local band, comprised of software developers!

Also, Influxis is sponsoring the live streaming of Ignite Denver 7! While I think you need to be there in person, if you’re not able to, or too far away! You’ll be able to watch live! Stay tuned for more!

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