Ignite Denver – And the Ignite Denver Line up is…

Voting has closed, if you didn’t vote you’re a terrible person, but we’ll let you slide, so make sure you pick up a ticket and join us February 8th 🙂

First Half:

  1. Jon Rossi: I Sleep Better at Night Because of Oprah
  2. Nick Armstrong: Enact The Prime Directive: 10 Ways Star Trek Technology Has Been Misused Today
  3. Stephanie Lee: 20 Things you don’t know about Australia
  4. Tara Dunn: Back to the Future: A Brief History of Web Analytics
  5. Joseph Labrecque: Exposing Yourself with Reckless Abandon
  6. Joe Rogel: How To Find Mid-Century Modern in Denver

Intermission: Team Firefox!

Second Half:

  1. J. Nathan Evans: How FacebookTV Could Kick Google TV’s Ass
  2. Eric Fickes: Unhappy with your job? F*$% IT, be your own boss
  3. Laura Levaas: Globetrotting on the Cheap
  4. Jun Heider: One Minute Bite…Go!
  5. Tim Davids: HipHop: A Primer for White People
  6. Rick Ramos: Independent & Unlawful

That’s it folks! That’s the awesome knowledge that’s gonna get dropped at Ignite Denver 8

See you there!!

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