Ignite Denver 8 – It’s about Charity

If you joined us for Ignite Dnever 6 at the Rack House, you know that as part of Global Ignite Week, we give all proceeds to a local charity.

This year we’ve selected SOS Outreach as the charity we’ll be supporting!

From their about page:

SOS Outreach was founded in 1993 in Colorado’s Vail Valley. As a nonprofit organization, our programs build character and self-esteem in youth through outdoor activities and the SOS curriculum. SOS served 5,190 youth across the nation in 2009-2010 and offered 18,553 total program days.
SOS Outreach began as the “Snowboard Outreach Society,” before expanding to include skiing. This past winter, we began snowshoeing and telemark skiing programs as well. In January, we merged with Meet the Wilderness, which has served a similar demographic with outdoor sports since 1974. The merger means SOS Outreach is now a year-round, perennial organization that – in addition to snow sports – now includes activities like rock climbing, teams courses, hiking and camping.

Your ticket purchase goes towards making sure we’ve got beer (and maybe even some wine), as well as goodies for speed round prizes!

See you in February!

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