Ignite Denver 7 – Wrap up

So Ignite Denver is passed. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

This was for all intents and purposes, Ignite Denver 1, a complete reboot of Ignite Denver.

We had a new venue, that as far as we know was a huge success, and we’ll likely be there a while, since there’s room for us to grow.

So as always this post is a review of the night/event.

What was Awesome.

  • Awesome venue. Theaters are a great place for ignites. I see why so many Ignites hold them there 🙂
  • The committee – we’ve got a truly awesome group of people dedicated to making Ignite Denver awesome, and that makes me super happy!
  • Gastro cart – Since we’re not at a bar, we need food to be available from outside vendors. Gastro Cart ROCKED it! Glad they were with us! Can’t wait to have them back next time!
  • The presenters. Not a dud in the bunch, and the process of submitting and voting went AWESOME.
  • The turnout. We pretty much filled the main level of the Oriental, another 10 or so folks and we’d have had to open the balcony. That’s incredible!
  • Next time we’ll have a full balcony!

What was less than Awesome.

  • Obviously the HVAC was on a fritz. It was working for a bit earlier in the day, but clearly had some bugs. Just imagine Ignite Denver 8, it’ll be much cooler out, and the heat will be nice 🙂 But hopefully it’ll be fixed by then!
  • The House Restaurant. Sadly they didn’t communicate well internally and when we showed up on Tuesday night, they had nothing planned. They weren’t ready for Ignite Denver, and hadn’t planned on being open afterward, etc. WEAK SAUCE. We won’t be working with them again.
  • One bartender. That’s probably just the way it is. We got an awesome deal on the theatre and unless you’re willing to pay more, we probably will have one bartender each time.

See you around October/November for Ignite Denver 8!!!

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