Ignite Denver 7 – The Line up!

The voting is closed, the results are in and the line up is locked!

The committee (Such an awesome group!) met last night and we worked out the line up. And here it is!

  • Matt Chiabotti – Living Your Life As If It Were Summer Camp
  • James (@QuasiJames) – Hey, that’s a some “Tea Party”…
  • kia ruiz – “Down in Denver, down in Denver.  All I did was die.”
  • ceci ervin – My Polish Catheter
  • Jessica Brick – What to get for the man who sneers at everything: Hipsters, Marketing, and You
  • Jon Rossi – The Art of BBQ and Judging
  • LeVar Battle and Sara Downey – Talk Thirty To Me

Intermission. The Compilers.

  • Zack Shapiro – Everything I Know I Learned From “The Wire”
  • Nick Nunns – It’s a Miracle your iPhone Works at All
  • Joe Rogel – How To Find Assholes Who Steal From You Using Facebook
  • Aaron DeLay – 10 Things I Love About My Stroke
  • Matthew Wyne – How Do I Sell Myself Without Selling Myself?
  • Brian T. Murphy – The Modern Frontier
  • Tim – Don’t Be Racist: Ten Easy Steps by @2509.

The Compilers will play a little after Ignite as well, so no need to rush out at the end.

We’re also working on a great pre and post Ignite Happy hour deal with a local bar on Tennyson, w00t! Stay tuned!

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