Ignite Denver 5 – This week!

We’ve been working hard to get some great topics lined up for Ignite Denver 5, this Wednesday, and I’m happy to reveal the line up!

As always, we may add some new stuff as it comes, but this is the line up we’re working with now!

  1. Jeremy Tanner – What is Ignite – welcome
  2. Jun Heider – The evolution of Internet FAIL: In a non-linear fashion
  3. Luke Tilsey – How to Pick Up Dudes (Part 2): The ‘Secret Revealed
  4. Tim D (2509) – Avoiding and Surviving Bear Attacks
  5. Musical Guest – The Compilers, back again, with more great music!
  6. Lauren Cook – Get Baked: Why Boycotting Cupcakes Will Turn The Recession Around
  7. Ben Wilkoff – Authentic Learning: Imagine school (and work) with a real purpose and a real audience
  8. An Bui – How to Pick Up Chicks: Tips from a Totally Hetero Woman
  9. Sarah Wells – Ethical Shoplifting
  10. ? – Mystery Deck of Doom

I’m really excited by these topics! It’s gonna be a blast!!

I’m hoping we’ll have another Guinea pig for the “Mystery Deck of Doom” presentation. Not sure what that is? I create an Ignite Slide Deck, which tells a story, has a logical flow, like any other presentation, except you won’t see it until it starts 🙂 Any takers? Not for the meek, But definitely fun!!! Just ask Joe H! From Ignite Denver 4!

There’s still plenty of Room so make sure to RSVP and help us spread the word!

See you Wednesday at 6pm!!

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