Ignite Denver 5 – It’s a Wrap!

Ignite Denver 5 is over!

I hope everyone who was there in person, or watching the online stream had as much fun as I did. I think we’re finally starting to really hit our stride. We’re still working on forming a steering committee, but we did have a great start at video (below is one angle. The other camera footage is still be processed)

I’ve got the footage from Ben Wilkoff’s cam, so I’m working on that, Ethan is working on his angle. Ethan was also the man behind streaming, hats off to him!

Many Many thanks to those that have stepped up to help make Ignite Denver better!

Luke Tilsey, Nicole Wilker, Ethan Crawford, Christine Adolf, PJ Hoberman, and Jun Heider

Thanks to the Compilers for playing another awesome set!

Also thanks to our supporters!

Casselman’s Bar and venue for the space

City Bark LoDo for the Gift certificate

We’re still looking for folks to step up and help steer Ignite Denver, just leave a comment here if you want to get involved or email ignitedenver AT gmail DOT com.

See you in a few months!

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