Ignite Denver 4 – Wrap up

Ignite Denver 4 was a ton of fun!!

I think Casselman’s was an awesome place to have Ignite. We’ve got room to grow, which is great, and the overall set up is just awesome.

It felt like the energy of the crowd was improved as well from previous Ignites Denver. The typical critics were there of course, what would it be with out them to cast bad juju? Overall though, the vibe was much better than before, I think that was great, and definitely a testament to the location, the presentations, and the crowd!

The presentations ran from the interesting to the funny to the “huh” which I think is cool. If nothing else, being different from “typical Ignite” presentations, isn’t a bad thing in moderation.

The compilers played an awesome intermission set.

We had some cool raffle stuff, which was fun! Jared gave some art, Chris gave some shot glasses and dog tags

The master deck is below for anyone that wants to watch.

Also for the first time in Ignite Denver history, we’re going to have video of the presentations thanks to Erik Boles of ChannelSnap TV. As soon as they’re available I’ll be posting them here, and submitting what I can to Ignite TV.

Thanks for everyone who came out to support us! It was a good time! See you next time!

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