Ignite Denver 4 – with Music!

So I wasn’t really looking to book an act for Ignite, mainly because I know nothing about looking for, booking musical acts, and have no money to pay them.

Then my friends chimed in.

Past presenter Jun Heider and Scott Sheridan, and Eric Fickes have gotten together to form Divo… no wait that’s taken, and those guys would look silly in red hats. They’re the Compilers!

During Intermission at Ignite Denver 4, they’ll be playing some tunes for us, which I really think is awesome! Like I said I wasn’t looking for music, but when it drops in my laps, and it’s people I know and think are awesome! Well it’s hard to pass up!

So make sure you RSVP for Ignite Denver 4, we sold out last time, and Casselman’s hold more people, but I’m sure we’ll fill up, so don’t dilly dally! Register now!

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