Ignite Denver 4 – with Music, No cover!

We’ve got the line up firming up, just a few spots left to lock down, the Compilers are ready to rock the house during intermission, all that’s missing is you!

Have you registered?

We’ve got some awesome art to give away as well from local artist Jared Brown. Jared gave us some cool prints from his collection to raffle off, Chris Chadwick is whipping up all kinds of Ignite branded goodies too! So we’ll be doing that after The Compilers’ performance.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to RSVP now! No RSVP, no raffle, and when we sell, out, no entry.

If you know anyone who would make an awesome Ignite presenter, pass the word along, we’ve got 3 spots I’d like to fill, so spread the word, let’s make sure Ignite Denver is always as awesome as possible!

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