Ignite Denver 4 – july 8th!

Yesterday, Nicole and I swung by Casselman’s and talked to the manager, Adam about doing the next Ignite Denver there, we’re in.

Casselman’s is a new venue that opened up near our place on Walnut. Refresh Denver held their last meeting there and it was a huge success. The space is actually very Ignite Friendly and I’m thinking we might have a permenant home. We’ll have to see. The upside is that the space is nice and large so there’s room to grow to about 300ish, and the bar is on the other side of a a wall, so the ‘noise problem’ should be reduced/eliminated.

For those of you that made it to Ignite Denver 3 at the Irish Snug, you know the topic submission site is open, so if you’ve got something you want to share, go submit it!

I’ll be opening the RSVP list up in a little while.

We’re also trying to raise the bar on Ignite Denver as far as raffles and goodies. To Accomplish that, we need sponsors. If you or your company is looking to get someface time with 150-200 interesting and cool people, your logo on Ignite Denver slides might be a good way to get your name out there.

The Website get’s a fair bit of traffic too so your logo would be pretty visible.

Sponsorship is very open ended, We’re more interested in helping local companies, than laying out “sponsorship levels” that strictly define value.

Email me if you’re interested in sponsoring. ignitedenver AT gmail DOT com

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