Ignite Denver 3: The Line Up!

I went and checked out the Irish snug yesterday, make sure I knew where I wanted to put the screen and make sure audio was an option. I gotta say, this venue, might excuse the last two. We’re gonna have some seats right up front for those that want to sit and watch the presentations distraction free. There’s a whole section behind the screen for those that came for Ignite, but wanna yak the night away and not watch. The audio is piped through the house so there’s 1. no noise competition (Maloney’s) and 2. not “I couldn’t really hear” problem (Fado)

I’m really excited. Hope you are too.

Here’s the line up as it stands right now;

  • Booze on the Brain! (or the neuropharmacology of alcohol)
  • Does This Make My Ass Look Fat?
  • Ignite the entrepreneur within: 50 Interviews
  • History of Rome (For those have have been to Ignite Denver 1 and 2, RJ promises he will not have family trouble and scheduling conflicts! He swore it on the flying Spaghetti Monster.)
  • Trinkets and Nuggets about the Modern Japan
  • The Similarities Between Emperor Palpatine & Our History
  • Leveraging the Internet To Land a Book Deal
  • Pie and the contemporary psyche
  • Mucking Out Your Inbox: How to Be More Productive with Email
  • Toys for relieving stress in the office
  • Slammed Doors and Phones: Or the Saga of a Young Organizer
  • How a Video becomes Public Access TV in a Web2.0 World

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