Ignite Denver 24 Speakers Announced

The results are in- we are proud to announce the speakers for Ignite Denver 24:

The Social Contract in the Digital Age by Chris Harrold
Be a bitch and be proud of it! by Nikoletta Vecsei
The Language of Poverty by Danielle Norris
Gut Explosions and Funnel Cakes by Amanda Erck
Jackpot! I’m not dead! by Lauren Gardner
The Future of Transit is in Coffee by Marjorie Alexander
Born at the Right Time by Lia Moran
Science Fiction Saves the World. Or not. by John L. Forrest
Private Life, Public Forum: Sharing Your Personal Life on Social Media by Danielle Bilbruck –
The Win-Win-Win by Heather Nelson
Where’s my Rosie the Robot? By Pete Winterscheidt

Reminder: tickets are $5 until 9/17, after the price goes up to $10. Get your tickets now!

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