Ignite Denver #23 Spark Voting Is Open!

Today is the day that Spark voting goes live! What do you need to know?

Sparks are voted in by the community. For one week, we open up the voting and encourage the community to take 5 minutes and vote. We strive to be a supportive community and ask that each person takes the time to rank each and every Spark.

Anyone can speak at Ignite! There is no set requirement, other than that each talk is 5 minutes with 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds. We are hosting a workshop on how to give a kick-ass presentation on Monday, June 6th. Stop by and build that skill set!

Sparks come in all shapes and sizes: debt and student loans; giving up car ownership; the discrepancy between health care throughout the U.S.; analyzing dreams; the art of raising children; personal struggles with mental health. Our speakers draw on their personal stories, education, observations and passions to speak about any topic; the beauty is that there isn’t a set tone and we welcome anyone and everyone.

Sparks can be inspiring, personal, eye opening, raw, humorous or all of the above. They can inspire you to jump out of your seat and take action, think about a topic a little differently, or simply remind you of the beauty of humanity.

If you took the time to read this post, please take a few minutes to vote for our Ignite Denver 23 Sparks. (Note that Spark descriptions follow the titles and ranking section) Thursday, June 30 is our next event, and you can buy tickets here.