Ignite Denver 2 – Wrapped up, planning #3

Mad props to all those who presented! All totally awesome topics! It was a great honor to have so many smarty pants’ in the same place!

For those that couldn’t make it, here’s the entire slide deck from the night! 

In an effort to not lose, but to build momentum, I’m starting the planning for Ignite Denver 3 now! I’ll set up the user voice soon and announce that, but right now my first task is a new venue. Maloney’s was better than Fado (Ignite Denver 1), but not perfect!

For the critics, yeah yeah, it wasn’t Ignite Boulder, and for me, that’s a positive. Andrew rocks and Ignite Boulder is fun, but I’ve no interest in mimicry. Ignite Denver is going to organically find it’s place. We’ll try places out, adjust as we go. Denver isn’t Boulder, let’s embrace that and make Ignite Denver, reflect us!

Maloney’s had a lot going for it, if the pool tables (which I actually gelled on and didn’t notice the first time I was there) weren’t there, and the screen had been bigger I think it might work. Now that they (Maloney’s) knows what we’re about, they wouldn’t have music in our side, etc.

But we probably won’t do Maloney’s again. For one thing, until we find that perfect spot, Denver is just too awesome to settle for a place that’s not right! Let’s try some places out!

So that said, leave a comment, or email me at ignitedenver @ gmail . com

I’m open to checking places out, maybe even organize a pubcrawl “research” night to scout locations. @chipd did it for our Webdirections North party and it was fun, and that was how I found Maloney’s!

See you all in May sometime!

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