Ignite Denver 19 Speakers Announced!

Ladies and gentleman, you have chosen your Ignite Denver 19 speakers! And without further ado:

Blake Harris – @MileHighTrust
The Lawsuit Lottery, the Hijacking of Justice in America

Mike Sales
What I learned from almost dying!

Katie Bessert- @Kbess50
The Economics of Happiness: if you want to make more money, hire nicer people

Geina Horton – @GeinaHorton
Hulk Hogan was my Career Counselor

Michael Kilcoyne – @mikekilcoyne
5 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

Angela Daniels – @original_angela
How Gay Square Dancing Changed My Life

Laurie Seymour – @thebacajourney
Start living “Inside-Out” instead of “Outside-In”

Macy Matarazzo – @Bighappylove40
Wake Up and Smell the Loser: Stop Dating Jerks!

Katie Mason – @ktmasondream
Cuddling with Cockroaches: The Transformative Power of Dreamwork

Pete Winterscheidt – @petroccoco
Extreme coupons for people with travel addictions

Stephanie Vail – @VailOnTheMove
Intrepid Travel: Experiencing the Local Life Abroad

Shana Cordon – @shanacordon
Alektorophobia: The Fear of Chickens and Other Fancy Phobias