Ignite Denver 13 Spark Voting is Up and Running

Ignite Denver 13 Spark Voting
Vote for your favorite sparks.

We had some great submissions this time around and now we’re opening it up to you, our wonderful attendees and Ignite fans, to give us your feedback on who you would like to see present at Ignite Denver 13.

Do you want to learn how to make your life better and simultaneously piss people off? Vote for it! Maybe you want to learn why spell check is not your bff (personally, I can’t agree with this enough). Maybe you should vote for it! We’ve got a spark submitted by a super smeller! If you want to find out what it is, then you should vote for that spark.

Am I driving home this point hard enough for you?

Look, I’ll make it really easy. To vote for your favorite sparks, click this link right here.

Now that you’ve clicked the link, you’re probably thinking, “Whoa, Kelly, this is NOT your typical spark voting page!”

Then I would say, “Wow, you’re a very astute observer” and give you a slightly patronizing pat on the back.

Yes, this time around, we’re using Survey Monkey and you get to cast your vote on ALL of the presentations. This time, there’s no limit to how many presentations you vote for with fervor. Say “hell yeah” to all of them, if you want. We love your enthusiasm!

You’ll also notice that there aren’t spark descriptions right there, but that’s ok. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget them, they’re simply on a different page where you can read all about the spark details. Just head here to check out spark details.

Now go, my fair Ignite lovers. Go and vote for the presentations you want to see the most.

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